Septic Design and installation

A design is a very important part of a new septic system. We will work with you personally to not just put any system in any spot. But, put the right system in and put it where it is best suited for your needs, wants, or costs. A good septic design is where some of the costs of an install are saved. If you don’t take the time to really look at the land a design that looks good and meets all the requirements could cost you more money on the install side of things. 

The second major process in getting a new or replacement septic system is the install. The design is putting the system in the right location and trying to save some money on the install. But, the design will be worthless if the system is installed correctly. You need an installer that knows how to read the plans, read elevations, and actually reads the notes a designer puts on the plan. You also need an installer that won’t cut corners and will make sure it is the best install possible. 

Septic Designs of NH will go over the plans before any work is started, will walk you through the design and then We will then discuss the outside area of your home where the new system will be located and discuss any issues that should be taken care of beforehand; such as large trees, plant boxes, swing sets, etc. Once you feel comfortable with everything we will start work and put your new system in.

Illustration of a home and septic tank system underground
Gravel covering a septic tank