Septic System Jetting

Bob’s Septic offers an extensive jetting service. Other companies may use a hand or power snake to clear the main line. These tools can punch a hole through the clog in a drain, but they do not thoroughly clear the pipe of debris and are a band-aid fix to the problem. Plus, using a snake is ineffective against roots or grease clogs. With our high-powered jetters, we can adjust the pressure in order to clear the line with the appropriate amount of water. Our trailer is always packed with multiple hose sizes and nozzle types, including two different kinds of root cutter nozzles to ensure we clear out clogs and get the pipe clean.

As for grade and oils, our jetter also features a heated hot water jetter. Our diesel heater warms the water up to take care of frozen lines. Hot water “melts” the grease away to clear any clogs. Other companys’ snake method will punch a hole in the grease, but won’t actually clean the lines out.

Hot Jet USA Trailer in a driveway