Septic System Inspection

Homeowners can request a septic system inspection so that they know how their system is functioning and avoid being blindsided if there is an issue. A septic system inspection is often necessary when you plan to purchase real estate and the bank or Mortgage Company requires the test. If the bank does not require the test, the buyer may still request an inspection to ensure the system is sufficient for the family’s needs. 

Mortgage companies and banks often require a septic system inspection before approval of a real estate loan. The inspection provides valuable information about the system and determines that it either is or is not properly functioning. An inspection protects the bank, the buyer, and the seller. Replacement of a septic system is a costly investment. Even if the lender does not require an inspection to process the mortgage application, Bob’s strongly urges that all potential buyers demand a septic inspection from the seller. The results of such an inspection can save time, money, and eliminate the legal risks often associated with buying real estate; the inspector will rate the condition of the system and issue a written report including recommendations or repairs that may be necessary for the system to function properly.

man digging in a yard fro septic service